Remove hipdips subliminal

Hi y’all !
this a remake of my first hip dip subliminal , since the affirmations were too loud which affected results. the affirmations are a little different which are better affirmations (i keep on saying affirmations)

these are them:

i have no hip dips at all my hips are filling in and they are round. my butt looks amazing and i am slim thick. i have no hip dips at all they are filling in second by second so quick milliseconds. this is a booster i’m getting results quicker than lightning. i have no hip dips at all and no muffin tips and no belly fat. i am losing weight and have no hip dips. i have no hip dips, as i’m listening i am losing my hip dips and they’re filling in. i look good in jeans, shorts, leggings, body dresses, flowy dresses , i look good in every thing i wear and am always beautiful i get results within a blink of an eye. i have the hips i desire. my hips are wonderful and beautiful. i can easily fit into everything. i have no hip dips i have no hip dips at all. i have no hip dips i have no hip dips i have no hip dips. i am confident and i believe this will work quickly and it still works. this subliminal works in seconds and i can focus on results and can relax. my hip dips are filling in. i am beautiful.

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