hCG Diet (Round 1 Phase 2 Day 7, Total Lost 14.5 lbs)

http://gabrieljoseph.com/hcg-diet-round-1-phase-2-day-7-total-lost-14-5-lbs – This is my first round of the hCG diet and I’m on day 7 of phase 2.

I’m weighing in and the scale doesn’t lie! I’ve lost a total of 14.5 pounds as of this morning when I weighed in as you can see…

I received a few questions yesterday that I answer in this video:

1. How do you take the hcg drops?
2. Can I eat ground beef on the hcg diet?
3. How long is the diet?

Check out my blog to see the answers in detail.

The key to being healthy is, well… being healthy. It’s a lifelong process. The HCG Diet is an amazing tool that can catapult you to near instant success, but that’s all it is. The choice to live healthy is yours and mine to make. I wish you success in your journey to lose the weight and keep it off.

Follow me on my weight loss journey as I journal my progress, challenges, ideas etc about the diet. Not only do I detail out my progress, but my blog is all about getting inspired and motivated and then taking immediate and massive action in all areas of your life! Check it out:


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