Five Belly Fat Exercises For Beginners

Want to lose belly fat? Here are five beginner level exercises which will help you lose belly fat. These five exercises will work out your upper lower and middle abdomen. These exercises can be done by both men and women.

Warning – Before starting any exercise plan please consult a doctor. Start only if your doctor gives a go ahead. Do only those exercises for which you get a green signal from your doctor. If you are a beginner, learn under a certified professional.


Crunches are probably the most common exercise for reducing belly fat. Beginners should start with this exercise to develop strength in the abdomen area.


This exercise is for the middle abdomen. This abdominal exercise involves lifting your hips and works the muscles in the middle abdomen area.

Leg Lift

This exercise works out the lower abdomen. This is the area which accumulates most fat and is the hardest to get rid of.

Arm & Leg Lift

This is an exercise where you lift the left arm and the right leg together and vice versa. This is a good workout for your obliques. Beginners should start with lifting one arm and one leg at a time and then graduate to lifting both arms and both legs together.


This exercise works all abdominal muscles plus hips and shoulders.

To begin with do three sets of twelve repetitions each.

Expert: Sonia Bajaj

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