Emotional Eating And Intermittent Fasting Q&A

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Time Stamps and Topics:

1:30 Emotional eating

10:10 ​I love Intermittent fasting, I have worked myself up to 21 hours. in 5 months I have reversed diabetes, off all meds and lost 20 lbs

11:50 Inner dialogue.

12:25 Checking in with yourself.

15:00 I lost 5 lbs so now I can have a doughnut as a reward or an entitlement This can be a wrong idea!

16:30 Once I was over 40 the nasty, hateful voice in my head shut up for good.

17:10 ​I am learning to eat slow. lost 10 lb in 3 weeks. some of it I know is water, but my body looks better. 20 more lb to go. I did OMAD the fist week and now 16/8

17:45 Emotional eating and OMAD.

19:30 I allowed myself some emotional eating last night during the returns, but after a few handfuls of pretzels, I didn’t need to anymore.

20:10 New to intermittent fasting. Doing two meals a day now but working towards OMAD! Three pounds down so far.

20:45 Are all of your steps during the day counted or do you do all 14,000 at one time?

22:00 Strategies to curtail emotional eating.

23:30 Length of fasting window.

24:37 Do you consider having cream in your coffee breaking your fast?

28:00 October has been tough for me but i am trying to get back on track with my Omad. ive been really hungry and craving junck food. but i am determined to just take it a day at a time and not give up.

28:50 I try and keep my hands and mind busy. listening to YouTube videos/audio book while doing chores. Believe it or not, cooking relaxes me and I don’t eat while I do it.

30:40 My biggest struggle lately is toward the end of my fasting window I start to *think* I’m hungry (I’m not really but its like I’m trying to convince myself I am) then I have to talk myself into waiting.

32:30 Longer fasts?

33:05 Do whatever makes you feel best.

34:20 I’m always worried if I’m getting enough nutrition in 1 hour.

36:40 Your body will tell you when you need to change.

37:40 Weight fluctuations.

39:55 When you first started OMAD… did you count your calories at that meal?

42:25 I don’t even own a scale. the only time I get weighed is if I go to the doctor. I like it that way it works well for me.

44:15 The scale doesn’t tell the whole story.

45:40 Counting calories.

46:50 Happy where you’re at.

48:15 So the holidays are coming and I am already stressing about it. any coping techniques to keep motivated and stay consistent with all the stress and yummy foods to eat?

51:35 ​I really haven’t lost any weight yet on the scale but I’m trying to be patient. stopped Keto end of September and started Non-Keto OMAD right away… so I’m sure my body is transitioning right?

53:00 ​Before, I would take as gospel truth the things that I have read, say Atkins or Keto. But then, it can’t stand the longevity test for me.

54:00 I go overboard on cheat day so I am probably going to stop taking a cheat day every week…

54:15 It’s difficult to constantly prepare your own food as life takes over. plus, carby food is always regularly available. I learned to losen up and accept that there will always be off days.

55:40 I have food allergies so I’ve learned to eat something before I go to someone’s for a meal. this also helps me eat less when there happens to be food I can eat.

56:40 ​Kayla, do you have a flat stomach? do you think its possible eating anything we want?

59:20 ​I am sitting right at 200 and I am hoping to get under before Thanksgiving. Up I know its just a number and I have time. But its tough when your almost there.

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