Best Abs Workout at Home #2 Bent Knee Leg Raises for Sexy Bikini Abs

Best abs workout at home for women shows you how to practice abs so as to lose upper and lower belly fat quickly and comfortably. Bent Knee Leg Raises guides you the best way to reduce fat around waist and increase much more muscle gain.

Remember it is necessary to work it hard every day in order to gain the beautiful success.

How to do this sexy abs workout at home effectively with Bent Knee Leg Raises with the aim of burning fat as fast as possible:
– Reps: 20
– Sets: 3
– Lie flat on the floor, fully extend two arms by your sides.
– Bend your knees around 75 degrees and keep your heels slightly touching the floor.
– Using lower abs, lift your legs up until your thighs make the 90 degrees with upper body. Do not let the hips off the floor. Exhale when performing.
– Slowly lower your legs down when inhaling. Always keep contracting your abs when doing this position.
– Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

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