Beginner guide To Meal Prep- How To Create A Meal Plan I Can Stick To It


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Let’s change our eating habits by slowly replacing the foods that are not healthy for us.

This beginner guide to meal prep will guide you as to how i prep my day and what i eat on a day.

Let’s create a simple meal plan that we can stick to.

My day of meals consist

5 am A banana and yogurt


3 Egg Omelete add anything to it like peppers or make it with chicken or even strips of steak and i use salsa to spice it or ketchup with Oats and fruit. Black Coffee


Salad with low calorie dressing, and a handfull of peanuts. Water

Pre workout i have an apple now a days but you can have a protein shake if is more convenient to you.

Workout for 1 hour

Post Workout around 20 minutes after the gym , I have a Vanilla flavor protein shake and add fresh or frozen fruit to make it tasty and add more consistency.

Dinner= Usually 1 hour and half after my post workout since i do prepare my stuff for the next day like my clothes and sometimes my breakfast if is not done all at once on a sunday.

Chicken or Fish even Steak with Sweet Potato, Broccoli, sometimes i add brown rice.

I even have pasta to change it a bit.

Before going bed this is around 10 pm i have cottage cheese and i add pinneapple for flavor if now some Jelly just to kill the salty taste of it.

But i drink plenty of water throughout the day and i try to control my meal portions.

Everyone is different so what you need to do is adjust the portions, if you feel like you are getting hungry every hour after every meal you will need to add to your portion.

After a couple of weeks you should have the blueprint of a good meal plan that will help you lose weight effectively.

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