5 Six Pack Abs Mistakes – 6 PACK ABS DIET & WORKOUT BLUNDERS

Hey guys! If you’re just not getting six pack abs, even though you workout constantly and your diet is awesome, then this is for you.

In this video I reveal 5 common six pack abs mistakes that were holding me back from getting a 6-pack. Hey – I’m not saying that you are currently making all five of these blunders, but chances are you are making a couple of them at least. The dynamite news is they are easy to fix and if you make the corrections it can be a major shortcut to getting SIX PACK ABS quickly.

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6 PACK MISTAKE #1: No high intensity cardio (HIIT) or your current cardio workout is just not intense enough.

6 PACK MISTAKE #2: Not eating enough carbs – or the WRONG type of carbs in your diet.

6 PACK MISTAKE #3: Not measuring MACRO intake. This is like X-RAY vision guys!!! If you track your macros (PROTEIN, CARBS, FATS) you will have way better success.

6 Pack Mistake #4: Working out too much! Bottom line, overtraining is real and can destroy your chances at a six pack! I also talk about this in my blog — just go to my site and search “OVER-TRAINING”.

6 Pack Abs Mistake #5: Poor Recovery!!! If you are not getting that tight, firm stomach… and you are not gaining any muscle mass from your lifts… YOU HAVE A RECOVERY ISSUE!!! Hands down. Period.

Watch the video and take notes. I’m telling you, this information has made a major difference in the look of my SIX PACK ABS.

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