12 Minute Ripped Muscle Building Workout Shortcut – Super Slow Demo (Part 2)

Best Muscle building workout – Exercise – My Routine
I usually do this once a week and incorporate my other workouts the other days but have at least 2 days of rest after this and during that time I feel as if I just worked out. If you only have time for 1 or 2 days to exercise, this or the sprint 8 is the way to go, especially since they burn fat build muscle and the sprint 8 especially builds HGH and testosterone in under 15 minutes each.

The Workout
The workout is done by doing 1 set of 5 exercises instead of 2-4 seconds up and down you take 10-12 seconds, with only 5 – 8 reps

The main exercises consist of:

1. Pull-down (or alternatively chin-up)
2. Chest press
3. Compound row (A pulling motion in the horizontal plane)
4. Overhead press
5. Leg press

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I occasionally supplement the overhead press with pull over or add it at the end.

Other great options are:
Chest cross, Lateral raise, Bicep curl (done after back), triceps extension, (done after chest and shoulders), Abdominal crunch, low back

For a warm up, I do some push ups, pull ups and a dynamic stretch and you can see my video on how to do that and why.

½ Your Normal Weight
At the speed we’re doing this you’re going to want to pick a weight that is about half or 30% what you normally do

Stopping Momentum
Be sure not to extend your arm all the way, since that provides a rest period in between sets. The other thing to make sure is not bouncing at the bottom, that gives you kinetic energy allowing for a head start at that bottom of the rep. The first inch should take 3 seconds. – This is a way to deprive yourself of the initial momentum, which is just what you need for this workout.

While you are doing the movements it’s a good idea to count to 10 so that you don’t cheat and don’t move the weight faster as you will want to in order to make it easier.

The best results with this is to go to failure plus 2, so if you’re doing this alone that means spotting yourself as you’ll see me do, using my hands to help the movement or for the other exercises where you can’t spot yourself drop the weight as if you were getting a spot, but don’t do it fast.

That’s why it’s a good idea to do this with a partner and each one of you do the workout in it’s entirety while the other just spots.

And it’s important to know exercise won’t make up for a bad diet. There is a lot of info on the site as well as on the channel here on what to eat and what to avoid. You can see my video on what I eat for breakfast and other recipes here as well.

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