11 lbs – 20 Arby's Venison Steak Sandwiches – All Pro Eating Sanctioned World Record

On October 21, 2017, and only that day, Arby’s sold their venison (deer) steak sandwiches. There was a strict limit of 2 per person. Most stores only were allocated 100 total sandwiches.

Notorious B.O.B. was able to acquire 20 of these sandwiches – almost 11 lbs worth. Each sandwich contained a 5 ounce venison steak and the total sandwich weighed 245 grams.

Watch Notorious B.O.B. in his attempt to set a record that may never be broken. Literally, never. All Pro Eating sanctioned this record setting attempt.

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Special thanks to Arby’s for their awesome venison sandwiches.
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